Dubai City View

UCN Will Be Acquiring Several Low-Cost Franchise To Add To Our Business Network Starting 2022 to 2025

Over the next three years we plan to acquire up to 100 businesses of which 80% will be franchises that already have a proven track record.

These more affordable franchises will provide our community with a way to be in control without taking on too much—or any—debt to start.


Collectively we are building a financial future without having to take out any business loan to acquire multiple franchises we where we all hear in 100% of the revenues.

There are many other smart reasons why we are investing in a “cheap” franchise, too. For instance, being accountable to one management and nobody else is one popular reason why we choose to invest in other successful business franchise.


When we’re the boss, we (Members) don’t punch a clock. We hire others to work hard because we know that in the end, it will pay off for all members in the community.

Another benefit to starting multiple  low-cost franchise is in many cases you can keep your day job while the management team get it up and running, so you still have financial security.


Once we start making a profit, you can transition into making it your full-time occupation or retirement.


After all that, we will consider expanding or even buying a more franchise.